Top 100 Best Android Free Applications in 2021

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Top 100 Best Android Free Applications in 2021.100 best android apps and description. most downloaded android apps in 2021.

Top 100 Best Android Free Applications in 2021

Hello friends, welcome to all of you today, in which post I have brought some such applications for you in the fire, Top 100 Best Android Free Applications in 2021 which people have liked very much, it is very important to know about these applications so that you can download the right application in the right time.

In the post, I will tell you about different applications for each different category, you will have to complete this post together.

First of all, I will tell you about the category. In which category I am going to tell you about the application, then below you will get a list of categories, check that.

  • Business Applications
  • Social Media Applications
  • Gaming Applications
  • Google Application
  • Photo Editing Application
  • Video Editing Application
  • VPN Application
  • Utility Software
  • Payment Gateway
  • Earning Application
  • Mix Application
  • Shopping Application
  • Health Application
  • Educational Application
  • Education Game Application

Let’s talk about social media applications. That has been downloaded the most. People have liked them very much, why there are millions of downloads every day, let’s start again

Social Media Application


Talking about social media, the first social media application is Facebook. In today’s world, everyone is running Facebook. Then you must have known how popular Facebook is, and how many people must have downloaded it from the Play Store.

A number of people downloading at least one hundred six million four hundred one thousand six hundred thirty-eight Have reached now.

let me tell you what facility Facebook has provided, your friends can connect with the family with this network, share their photos videos with friends, and talk with your friends.

You can make a video call, keep your photo album safe, you can promote your company and website, you can publish your own block and publish, etc. There will be more such features about which to tell more. No need to know them yourself.


Friends talk now, this application of YouTube also, comes within the application of social media. People are very much involved in this application too, they keep searching for their own solution.

If someone now suggests solutions. Then this application copy is the most in the Play Store Downloaded by creating your own video. You can put it in this application and you can download the video from here.

there is a lot of people who spend their time in it. There are many people who are earning money by putting videos on it. Tell it to you from play store ninety-one million four hundred thirteen thousand one hundred ninety-four. People have downloaded.

3.What’s Up

Talking about friends’ social media communication application. WhatsApp does not come in it. It can not happen that more people have downloaded WhatsApp than YouTube, in this application if you drag and send the photo.

Then you can send a very clear photo and message Chatting is also a feature of video calling. That you will very much like and, have been coming to everyone and, this application has been downloaded from play store by one hundred twenty-seven million nine hundred eighty-six thousand one hundred twenty-two people.

4.Facebook Messenger

Now we will talk about Facebook Messenger. Has also been created by Facebook Messenger and both Messenger and Facebook remain connected to each other. Messenger is one of the best social media applications. You can install the Director on your mobile by going to Google Play and With the help of the application.

You can talk with your friends. Can do video chatting. You can do video calling and send messages. You can share videos and photos with each other. It has some features such as Group chatting can be done. Video calls can be done and through this application.

you can have direct contact with your friends. This application has so far been downloaded from Google Play Store. By seventy-six million sixty-eight thousand five hundred fifty people Have done.


Snapchat is a social media application. That does not have as many inverters as Facebook. But still, the best and scores have been downloaded by crores of people, through this application.

you can connect with your family friends. Make video chatting and make videos. It also has some very good features. Such as can send your memory Create a friendship profile, a map is inserted in it, can add a story, and you can do many social media activities, which is the best in these applications.

Can download, those who have an interest in social media. This application has been downloaded from Google Play Store twenty-four million seven hundred twenty thousand four hundred thirty-five times.


Instagram is a social media application. In which people like most Actor Musicians public figures etc. keep updated and use it more. It is private of Facebook, in this person can share their videos and photos, people all over the world.

In this application, Any movement is connected from any corner of the world from there. If anyone puts video photos in it. Then one can see if all the people who have followed that person talk about its features. Then in it Can create and share short videos, an advanced system for making videos.

Which also shows fun activities. We can add photos, videos, and stories. Can direct messages with your friends. See the brand with the help of this application. You can get information about the live updates of celebrity actors and singers.

This application has been downloaded from Google Play Store. One hundred eleven million five hundred seventy-one thousand five hundred twenty times.


The trend of tick talk in social media has increased so much that. If there will be a tick talk application in everyone’s mobile Then this application has also been downloaded most often from the Google Play Store.

This is the most popular application of social media. Which people Have liked it very much. Through this application can create funny videos and can download and upload them to other social media. Through this application, you can make videos on mobile because short videos are made. Talk about the features of the application Do this.

If you watch the video. Then you will continue to scroll as many videos. You can by pressing the button. While making a video. You can connect the audio and sound to it. While creating your own video. You can edit it Has been downloaded from Google Play Store. Twenty-nine million nine hundred forty-nine thousand six hundred twenty times.


QQ application has also been placed in the top 10 in social media applications. This application has been made in China. It is a Chinese application but a social media vacation that people love the most.

It has been liked in China and China In this. Most people run it. Through this application. We can group chatting, video calling, and animation call. Can be an endless chat because it has been updated for free in Google Play Store.

It is also one hundred ninety-seven thousand three hundred from Google Play Store sixty-four has been downloaded.


Likee is a very popular short video maker and editor application under social media. With the help of this application. You can make effects in videos, can do video editing, and make very good videos with some.

Its features such as Supermax Face Magic and Speaker. This application has features like End, Music, Magic Beauty, Camera, and Video Filters because people like it very much. This application has been downloaded from Google Play Store 99533812 times.


Telegram is also a social media application which is using more than 400 million users. Through this application can also be chatting and sharing with each other and can also send unlimited files to video files.

You can share movies. Its security system is very strong. Its interface is very simple and Telegram is a completely free application that has been downloaded five hundred million times from Google Play Store.


Twitter is a social media application that has been used all over the world. All the people around the world use this application. This application is used for news updates, entertainment sports and facts, and information.

You can also talk with your friends with your neither relations. You can send messages, you can make video audio calling. You can share video audio with others, you can learn about events through this application.

Can share on this Twitter channel and can tell people. Where what is happening, this application has also, been downloaded. One billion+ time from Google Play Store.

So friends, there were some social media functions. Which people are the most involved and share their things. Along with them. Video audio and photos are also, shared with their friends.

In these social media millions of people of the world are sharing. You can talk with them. You can download these applications for free from Google Play Store. So let me go to another category called Business Applications. Now I will give you some collections of business applications and with them, I will also expand, so let’s start.

Business Application


Friends, According to me, the best application in business application. Its name is Blogger. Where you can create your own blog and publish it on Google. Then let us know about its features.

Blogger is a Google official application. Which Anyone can make a blog without paying money. If you want to make your own blog, then you must use this application because if you have a smartphone, then you can install this application on it and make your blog run in anyone.


If you have paid hosting and domain by paying your money, then you must have created your blog in WordPress itself, if you have a smartphone then you can download the WhatsApp application in your own smart phone by downloading the app from Google Play Store.

You can create a website with the help of this, you can design a website, you can post a website post and you can do many things, you can know the notifications in this application, you have a notification in your website.

you have got the status about it. Manage and work with someone by creating a post through this application.

3.Google Analytics

You have created your website and you want to know about who is doing what in your website, where they have come from and how much money you have received, then you can install Google Analytics application in your mobile and create an account in it.

After creating an account, you will get a code in it, you can put it in the head attack of your website and after that you stop for 24 hours, then you will see the status of your website full life in your mobile application Google Analytics, this application has more than 50 million.

More people have installed it in their smartphones and mobile phones with the help of which they keep an eye on it because what is happening in the website, who is coming from where and how long they are staying.

4.Kodular Companion

If you want to make your mobile application and check it on your smartphone, then it is the best application for it, with the help of it you can create the application, here you have given the complete system to create a dropdown application and all the applications made here are available to you.

You can also put it in the play store, so far more than 100000 people have downloaded it and are making their own Android application, which is very easy to make on their mobile.


We can take Skype as a business application because initially it was used by formal people but later businessmen and big people started collaborating who can use it for the improvement of their work and who You can talk with your friends, there used to be used for it,

then later people lying on it started using it, then spawn it as a business application, although it is a social media application in social media Doesn’t use much. More than 5 million people use this application every 131, video chat, audio chat, phone calls, and text messages can also be made through this application.

6.Google Calendar

The calendar is also a best application. The application for business is installed in Android phone. If you are going out for your meeting or any work and anything is asleep, it tracks you according to the date and time.

You have to make a fix about what to do in your time, you have to put a time set, after that, it was automatically sent to you and told you at what time you have to work. Installs in the phone, it has been downloaded 1,000,000,000+ times in the Google Play Store.


Evernote application is also the best application for business, through the application you can create a project if you do not have pen and paper at any time, at that time you can prepare notes in it, in this application you can keep different notebooks discus note project.

You can also import and import points based on phone calls and drafts, and later you can XSP it offline. It has unlimited data story space which can prove very useful in your business, install this application 100,000,000+ times. has been done.

8.Drop Box Cloud Storage

Dropbox application is also the best application within the special application, in this application, you can keep the file and after that take a link from here and share the photo-video as you have stored in this application and you can make a link, which is a very useful application for your business, DropBox is a storage center with many features like automatic uploading of videos and photos.

to it and then you can share it as much as you have added documents to it and From here, you can access any file, and then here is the option of sending largely, so when you sign up, it gives you 2000GB of storage space.

which you can keep a lot of data if you update it. In this, 3GB means 3000 bytes of storage, you will keep updating it and if you update, then you can take as much space as you want, this application has been downloaded 1,000,000,000+ times.

9.Expense Manager

Expense Manager application is the best application in which you can manage your project, its design is simple and user friendly design, because good people in your smartphone will show how up-and-down the budget has been in your business.

you can stop your details here You can manage the budget, it has also been given fingerprint access, which you can save and keep in your mobile, all the features in it are available for free, Google has downloaded this application 5,000,000+ times from Google Play Store.

10.Any Do is the best application available in the Google Play Store. In this application, the list reminder planner calendar is all mixed, meaning there are multiple packages. In this application, you can create any list of features of the planner application.

Google Calendar is combined in the country, you can use the Delhi Task List Note Check List Event Calendar, it has the feature of Advanced Calendar Daily Planner, along with this, you will also get the option of Work Together.

I Will go and there are some integrations in it, such as calendar e-mail will be liked very much. This application has been downloaded 10,000,000+ times.

11.Grammar Checker

If you have to keep some notes for a business that you do not get time for, then you make it on your mobile but if there is a spelling mismatch in it, then you will be very busy in your business work, so the best grammar for you I have brought the checker application.

you can download this application on your smartphone and whenever you make some notes, if there is some mismatch in it, it will automatically type and give you grammar correction so there will be no problem with your business. 500,000+ has been downloaded from Google Play Store

12.Scanner Tiny Application

If you are in business and you have to send some document or photo somewhere from time to time, then in another place you will be using the computer again and again, but after using this application.

you need to scan any document. You will not have to use the computer, you can scan that document by dragging that document in your mobile phone and you can send it where you want to send it, this application has been downloaded 10,000,000+ times in Google Play Store.

13.Linked In

Well, it is a social media application, but most people use this application only because through this application, we can find jobs and know about business, social networking is there, so you can use this application in the office.

And you can connect all your clients to your account, everyone uses this application but most use it and they are included because their marketing business is a partner who can connect with all of them.

And you can follow them here, we can also call it a bookmarking site. This application has been downloaded 50000,000+ times from Google Play Store.

Friends, there are many such applications for business in the same way. But I have only told you about some such important education.

so how should you give your reviews to business applications and with this I end the application business here

Gaming Application

After business application and social media vacation. Now I am going to tell you about some game applications. That people have downloaded the most and these applications. Run the most and people have also believed in these applications.


Who does not know about the Pabji Game. This game is played by everyone in the world. Who has an interest in the game, you can sit anywhere on your mobile, talk about the features of this mobile, then this game is installed in mobile for free.

It has a Matter map on. Along with that many players can play in it. In this event challenge challenges are updated every single day, based on that and there should be an internet connection for this application without an internet connection.

A game does not run and to install this application on mobile there must be 2GB of RAM. The rating of this application is up to 4.2 and with that, the number of downloading this application is 100,000,000+.

2.Free Fire

The most popular game that has been made after the Pabji game. Is the name Free Fire, this game is also liked by many people. It has fast placement and fast memory processor has been used. Which millions of people can play at one time.

This game also does not run without internet. There is an unlimited shooter in it. Along with it there are photos and players that can fight together. It also has a feature of the map and there are many features inside it,

which makes the game very good. Let’s make people show their excitement in playing this game has been downloaded 500,000,000+ times from Google Play Store.

3.Candy Crush

This game is also played the most. The game is not very difficult to play. It is very easy and people like this game as well. They can do this game with only one person. Can do this game even from One Billion More people have downloaded and kept. It in their smartphone so that they can play whenever boredom.

4.Ludo Player

Earlier, for the first time, people had to buy and play from Ludo shop. But nowadays the application has come in the mobile itself. Most people have liked this application and have downloaded and kept it.

On their mobile, four people can play this game together. One Jana can also play and two Jana can play the game. More than 50 crore people have installed and kept it in their smartphone.

5.Goli Maar

The best application of the application is to play the game. If you are being frustrated. Then you will get rest for this game, in this, whenever you suit the color of Baba 7 and 2 years, the color will disappear as soon as it matches Best of all.

it gives snake peace in your mind. Whenever you are in frustration. Save this game on your mobile for sure, so whenever you feel that I am very upset. Then this game is for you. It will be very relaxing. This game has been downloaded more than 10 crores from Google Play Store.

The most played top games in the Friends. Games are Free Fire and Pubg. Which is played the most in India and then and the country. Where the skin is played the most and it is the most downloaded. So that’s why I only gave you information about indoor games

Google Application

We all know about it. So now I will tell you about some applications. Google and their complete list of definitions. How many people have downloaded this list of Google? You will know How many Google’s have you created and are running them and what is their work.


It comes first in the Google application. Everyone has installed this application on their mobiles. However, you buy a mobile. the default application that comes. it is Google’s but if your mobile If this smartphone does not have this application.

Then you can download it. From the Google Play Store. Big companies have already kept it updated in their brand. Yet if this vacation was deleted from your mobile then. You can download and install the application from Google Play Store. So far 5,000,000,000 ++ people have downloaded and kept it on their smartphone.

2.Google One

It is a product and application from Google that you can benefit greatly from this application. you have to make a membership in it, after that, you can take extra benefits from Google.

In this application, you can manage Google storage. This option of automatic backup Happens. So that you can backup your content photos message and it also has many features that you will find in Google ones. This application has been downloaded by 100,000,000+ people on your mobile.

3.Google Pay

Then you do business with the same money, you do it through it. It is a secure money transfer system. If you send any money through it, there will never be hacking in money and your money is absolutely safe.

We can reach anywhere with it. UPI transfer and mobile recharge bill recharge and similar utility payments are all added to it. If you refresh it, you get cashback in it. Along with it, there are many facilities like balance and bank account check. You can not get records that you can make bar payments, flight tickets are many things.

We can book and, this is a fast secure payment system. With the help of this. you can buy everything such as gift gold and, it is very secure The system has been downloaded by 100,000,000+ people so far.

4.Google Translate

If you are a student or a businessman, it is suitable for both of you, because if you are making a project here.

You will need some content you want to write it. But you do not have time to write, you can also write it by speaking In any language, Google Translate gives you this facility through which.

You can make all the notes by putting voice and, in the same way, if you are a student, then the student can also do a lot of work with the help of this app. Can write and memorize it, there is a total of 103 languages, in this.

You just have to type, after that you have to select the language and, in which language you have to speak and in which you have to change, it is given in detail. So far 500,000,000+ people have downloaded and kept this application on their smartphone

5.Google Drive

Google Drive is the best option. Under the product provided by It. If you want to store such files or anything. You do not have so much storage in your mobile. Then you can use this store, you can get 15 GB free cloud in it.

Storage is available, you can use it for your personal work and, in the same way. If you want more storage in it. Then you have to buy it, you will have to pay for it, but 15Gb is enough if all the photos in your mobile are stored.

If you want to do it. You can do it very comfortably in 15GB. So, 5,000,000,000 people have downloaded and, kept this application in Google Play Store.

 6.Find My Device

Google Find My Phone is also an application. With the help of which if your mobile is placed somewhere else where you do not know. Then with the help of that, you can find it, for this, you have to enter the location.

Which will tell that your Where the mobile is placed. You have to speak and keep recording in it. So that the song on. Your mobile will know where you are mobile. Through this application, you can know your mobile comfortably. 10, 000,000 + people have downloaded and kept it.

7.Google News

If you want to know about the news. You have to watch the news, then with the international news, Google also provides you news through a Google News application, which is called Google News. What in the world through this application You can read about it happening in English, here you will get full news.

you will get full information of the news, you will get the news with a reliable source, and all the ratings as per it, according to this app so far 1,000,000,000 ++ people have downloaded to their mobile from Google Play Store.

8.Google My Business

If you have also created a website that you have a business that you want to show in Google, then you can use Google My Business for that, through this application you can set up your business inside Google and a name.

You can give whenever that name is searched in Google, your business will show in the top search, so for this you have to use this application, every 1 day, Lean On People creates a profile in this application and takes their business online.

Also, to show your business on Google, you have to create an account in it, after that, you can also show the location of your business, so far 10,000 ++ people have installed this application.

9.Google Tasks

Google Tasks is the best application that Google has put in its product and with this, in this application, you can use Tasks anywhere, and it works very quickly.

At any time in this, you can receive and transfer Tasks and make reports of Tasks, Import Google Reminder, this application has been downloaded by 5,000,000+ people so far.

10.YouTube Music

YouTube music is also the application of Google, if you want to listen to the songs of YouTube directly, then you can listen to this application, then the video is seen on YouTube.

you can listen to the songs in YouTube music, through this application of the video, you can do the same You can listen to the song, Music Chausa song.

you can search the song you want and with this, it is a free version, you can install it on your mobile, so far it has added 500,000,000+ people.

11.Google Slides

Google Play Derby is the best application that provides, you can download it directly from the Play Store, if you are making a presentation, then use it and what are the features of this application.

here I will tell you that you can generate a present in it, you can share your presentation with anyone, anywhere, you can work in it anytime, offline and you can also add responses and comments to it and also like you.

You can also create a beautiful letter, inside it is a calendar camera content microphone and storage sub-envelope. This application has been downloaded by 500,000,000+ people so far.

12.Google Play Games

In Google Play Game you will get lots of favorites which you can play, you can direct all the games here, you do not need to install them as much time to install and play the game from Play Store So.

you can keep it by playing games in it is absolutely free application that Google has made as to its product, there are some of its features which are very good.

such as playing direct games, you can save time to install. Ho, 1,000,000,000 ++ people have downloaded this application.

13.YouTube Studio

If you are a YouTube and then you should download this application because through this application you can customize your YouTube channel.

it is the official studio application of YouTube, with the help of this the videos of the channel are customized such as thumbnails Image can change video module information, etc.

Its features are as follows: Monitor the channel, works to check the responsive comment, update it about the notification, you can update the details of the video. 100,000,000+ people have downloaded this application from Google Play Store.

14.The phone

The application is also amazing, if you download this application and keep it on your mobile, then whenever someone’s phone comes in your mobile, you will also get the details of it, as if you had a call from an unknown person on your mobile.

You will not know that its details but after inserting this application you can find out the complete details of it and you will get it and this application is allowed to be installed on all smartphones till now. 500 million people have downloaded.

15.Google Map

If you want to download Map on your mobile then you can see everything updated with the help of Google’s own play and this match is an advanced app and the director will show you the location you want to see and updated.

it Is there was an update today, January 7, the last and after that, there has been an update and here you can see as many countries as there are 220 shows about or as many countries and where you want to see Johnson location.

You can give that location is a simple application and it is absolutely free so far 5,000,000,000 ++ people have downloaded.

16.Google Messages

If your smartphone has s.m.s. And the application of the message is still fine, so you have to download and keep this application too, because if you share the message with your friends, then here you will get a lot of features like this the conversion point is very good.

And you can share it very easily, there will be many options like sticker emoji in it, Bhanwarpur search connection chat features are good in the middle, then you should download this message box and must check once this application is still 1 000,000,000 ++ people have downloaded.


Snapseed is a very good application that is used for photography, It has also put it in its product, so if you want to download this application then you can go to Google Play Store and download the features of this application that JPG in it The file can be converted.

It also has the option of Tools and Fields with Heading Context Structure. In it, along with anyone on Road Upload, tune image detail cropping and Breeding Text Spending will go just like that if you want to edit your photo.

So you must do this application once. More than 100 million people have downloaded this application from Google Play Store.

Hope you guys have liked all of Google’s applications, all the applications that Google has made, they have been provided and use us to use the app. application download the best one for you and install it in your smartphone.

Photographic Application

1.Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Take Picture Editor is the best photo-editing application that you can install and keep on your smartphone, the application has more than 900 effective features, with this you can create funny video effects videos.

you can do animations with photos. And if we talk about its features, it shows that the realistic factory makes a photo collection and it has been kept up to date by 100,000,000+ people.

2.PicsArt Photo Editor

It is very important for you to know about Pic Art Photo Editor, this is the best software, you have downloaded one billion this application, with the help of Pic Art, you can manage your photos in some way as you want to create it.

Can make this editor filters the photos, makes the effect effective. The background helps in any race. It has more than 200 fund effects. It also has the option of video editor so that you can also edit the video and also put music in it. You can remove objectively with it, it has outstanding million of photos which you can use.

it has the option of replacement, you will get the option of photo effective, stickers will be found in millions, then you can download it in your smartphone. You can edit your video photo, so far this app has been downloaded and kept by 500,000,000+ people.

3.Adobe Lightroom 

Adobe Lightroom is the best application for free photo editing, you can also install it from the play store, it is a completely free application, you can edit your photo very easily, you can add slider pick, edit the modified photo. In addition to coloring, you can bring an unlimited amount of changes and editing.

you can edit photos in a simple way, a rollable camera is used in it, there is also the option of Smart Photo Organization Advanced Photo Sharing, it can put your photo in any pixel. Ho, this photo editing application has been downloaded 100,000,000+ so far.

4.Adobe Photoshop

We can edit photos by installing 30 Adobe Photoshop Express on your mobile in the same way as Adobe Photoshop on a computer, it works exactly like Adobe Photoshop in mobile, and in this way you will get many options in it.

You can design your photo well by using it, you will get nine options in it and along with that you will get the option of the block and it will get many such tolls, which will help you edit your photo in a good way. You can download it so far 100 million people have kept it.


It is also the best application for Graphics Designing Video Collection and Logo Maker, which you can download and keep on your smartphone, with the help of this application you can create people and design graphics and change your photo like You can edit more in people.

you can apply different colors and you can add both ad and tax in it, you can edit it picture video in it and you can also put social media connections in it, such as who can win social media.

You can make them, in this application you can do everything such as logo designing project simple template, 100million people have downloaded this application so far.

In 5 application software is enough for photo graphics, if you want to give your photo by design and make a good design in social media, then this application can be very useful for you, install the application in your smartphone and start editing your photo.

Video Editing Application

We can all make videos, but it is not so easy to edit them, for that we have to learn a lot and know what is meeting, then for this, we brought some applications for you in your mobile You can install and edit your created video very comfortably, so let’s know which software that performs best.

1. KineMaster

kine master is the best video editing mobile application software, with the help of this you can edit the video, you can insert this application in your smartphone and Chromebook, through this application.

you can add video image stickers and multiple ways in the layer in advance. You can do video chatting with color adjustment and share the video on Facebook Story Instagram and in the same way, there are beautiful facts.

it which make the video beautiful, the same way you can add music clip graphics in this application here Can edit videos well, this application has been downloaded by 100million people so far.

2.Video Editor

This is also the best applications for video editing, which you can keep in your mobile, you can also do video editing through this application, video maker can cut the video, add or remove the background.

We can set the factory You can do taxes and filters, you can do video editing in a proficient manner and it has professional features of my meeting,

if you want to do a movie maker, then you can also do such a pro video editor and music help you tick your youtube Instagram If you are making a video for talk.

you can edit it, put a translation effect in a sound effect record, you can make a video call, you can make a video call.

It can change the background of the video, the professor can do it in the video editing application right now Up to 100 million people installed it and kept it in their smartphone.

More video editing software in the same way, but this two software which is the best, download them and keep them in your mobile, even more information about this two software is equal, so choose one of these two software. And install on your mobile and edit the video.

VPN Application

Then I am going to tell you about VPN application, sometimes we do some work privately in mobile, they also need them to hide them, but if you are doing some such work on the internet, then you must install VPN If your information cannot be trucked by this, then let us know about some such VPN application software.

1.Free VPN Tomato

To provide security to your Internet, you must download this application, you can download this application of virtual private network by downloading it in Google Play Store and you can install it in your mobile.

There is security and it makes it fast secure Ultimate Ultimate Security is available, in this, you can hide your IP address.

2.Hola Free VPN

To provide security to your internet, you must download this application, you can download this application of virtual private network by downloading it in Google Play Store and you can install it on your mobile.

There is security and it makes it fast secure Ultimate Ultimate Security is available, in this, you can hide your IP address. Income Nick is a great incognito browsing WiFi security is an easy and free Ultimate application. Kept by ….


Super Free PNB Best VPN App You can also install it on your phone Super VPN Complete Free VPN app which provides you with Google Play, you can easily connect it is unlimited free trial, its unlimited bandwidth is its protection Privacy and there is no need of any requirement in it.

Chatting does not have to be automatic, just install and turn it all on, you can do a complete Free Trial for 20 days, after 20 days you can use it only for 1 hour. Will you be able to download it so far 100,000,000+ people have.

You must use the application to secure the above virtual private network, in your mobile, there will be many such security applications, their status is these 3 best virtual private networks.

Utility Application

I am going to tell you about the utility application that we need to install in our mobile, so let’s know which utility software it is.

1.PDF Reader 2020

I am giving you the best application of PDF reader, download the application on your smartphone, make a call and read the PDF file. Whenever you make a PDF file or open a video Facebook.

you can take help of this application and easily With this you can read and convert the file, so far more than one crore people have downloaded this application.

2.Navigation Bar

Sometimes the back button and home button of our smartphone do not work, then we provide a direct repair of your smartphone. This causes more problems in your phone, so anytime if the buttons outside your touch navigation go bad.

You download the navigation bar application and put it in your smartphone so that all three of your buttons start working, now you will get three-button opportunities in this application to enable it and in that only use the back button home button. More than 10 million people have downloaded the application.


If the flashlight is not working in the mobile, then you can download the flash light application and run the flash light on your mobile.

you can go to the play store to download this application and you can download this application so far 5 More than crores of people have downloaded and kept it on their smartphone.

4.B612 Selfie

If you want to put a camera in your smartphone, then insert this camera, that means download this app, you can take a selfie with your help, it has more than 100 tools and can take new selfies from this app and I can also design them.

you can design photos, I have many such features that you will like very much. This application has been downloaded more than 500 million so far.

Friends, I end the utility application right here and until the utility in the other category, in which category you will get lots in this way but it is all the best.

Payment Gateway

Friends, nowadays are the era of the digital age and someone has become digital, in the same way, no one keeps the money in their pocket right now, in this way today I am going to tell you about some applications that.

you send money You can and can get this application, some are international, some are applications in your country, so let’s know which are the best payment gateway applications.


Whether you are sitting in John C country, you can send money to any country from there to your friends, it is the best transfer wire application to Daru for this, with the help of this application you can send money to any country in the world.

Its system is very good and many people have used it and no one knows about it, so far 5000000 people have downloaded and kept this application.

2.PhonePe– India

Also one of the best application on the phone is to use this application to make the utility payment to recharge for sending money, everyone in the world can use it, because with the help of this.

you can recharge where you can make payment. You can shop and invest through this, you can also recharge from here, you can also pay for insurance, you can pay all the bills you pay as well as remittance through this application.

If you can, then see how much the best payment gateway software is, so far 1 billion people have downloaded and kept this application.


Paytm is also suitable for making sim utility payments, in this also UPI Money Transfer Bill Payment Recharge Remittance All the features you can use this application.

it is the best application to pay but it is not only in India but another country from India Application works in s too, 100,000,000+ people have downloaded and kept this application so far.

4.PayPal Mobile Cash

You can also download PayPal Mobile’s, this is the best application to send money and receive money through this application. you can withdraw money from any country through this paper and you can do any shopping.

Going through the country, this is the best application through paper, so far more than 100000000 people have downloaded it from Google Play Store.

Let us end the application that sends and receives money here, make sure to use these applications if you find any of these sweet hours, install it in your mobile and transfer the money and get it, then I will give you another topic Carry on.

Earning Application


After downloading this application, you have to sign up for it, after that, you have to do a survey here and then answer the question.

play the game and watch the video, then the time you spend in it, the more time you gift it If you get morning points, then you can remove it through the paper.


This is also the best application for running. In this application, your Android cell phone or tablet screen gets locked.

if you unlock it, then there are offers in it and you can withdraw coins in the form of reports in dollars. This is the best learning application, 50000 people have downloaded and kept this application.

3.Opinion Rewards

More than 50 million people have downloaded this application, Google has created this application, through this application.

you will get records, you can easily download and install it here, you have to give a whimsical answer and survey Have to do and you will get the same records, according to that you will get them at the gift time, you can convert them to the amount.

4.Pact Earn

More than 500000 people have kept this application downloaded and go to Google Play Store to download this application and download.

it is the most effective application, in this application, you have to do health-related activities only then you No more can you join this application, do your health-related activity and earn.

5.Click Photo Earn Money

If you are fond of taking photographs, then you do not take photos with your mobile camera, download this application and take photos in it, you have to take photos and update in it, after Delhi winner and here you have to do daily work.

After putting your work photo in the video, after that, you will get the payment according to it, so far more than 100000 people have downloaded and kept it.

Friends, I have told you about some apps of Agni application above, running more applications in this way, but definitely try this best friend once, I am going to tell you about some such mixed applications.

Mix Application

According to the category, I have told you about many applications, now I am going to tell you about some mixed category applications, which can be very useful to you.

1.MX Player

The best application of MX player multimedia which can be downloaded and kept by anyone, in this application you can watch videos and listen to the audio.

You can listen to the DVD format DVS format in the same way and video format in the same way and you can listen to the video audio, in this way the latest TV show popular web series movies have also been updated.

so up to a thousand categories have been added to them. You can see that more than 50 Billion people have installed this application and kept it on their mobile.

2.Share It

Who does not know about the Share It application, while downloading this application on everyone’s mobile, I have seen that through this application, files can be transferred, files, songs, videos can be sent with each other and this is the most Health works.

It has some features in transferring files such as it is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. It transfers any type of file.

also has a video player, the music player has also been added to it. A lot of updates have been done, more than 100 million people have downloaded and kept this application on their smartphone before.


Initially, V LC was the best application but later it got so much competition, it was not liked by many people because it did not get many updates.

The MX Player was far behind the DLC but at this time the VLC has overtaken the Max Player.

Many people have downloaded and kept this application in their smartphone, more than 100 million people have downloaded and kept it in their smartphone.


Spotify application is a music method application, the promotion of this application also keeps on coming in TV. If you download this application, then you should know its features for it. There is a music player in it,

you want to sing as you want by connecting to the internet. You can listen to this, what is a good feature in it that every single chatting is created and uploaded songs, then download this application and you can play the playlist which you want to play in your mobile from 50 billion More people have downloaded.


Netflix is the best mobile application for web series, in it, you can enjoy the web series in all ways, in which such films are not released in the cinema hall, then you can go and watch them here.

you will have to create an account and More than 10 billion people have downloaded and kept this application only after seeing everything you have to make some payments.

I told you about all the mix applications related to multimedia, in this way there will be more multimeter applications and this is the best application, with this I am going to another category.

Sopping Application

Time is changing, everyone wants to do all the work while sitting at home, in the same way there are many companies that do online business, their applications are something that you should know, so know about them.

1.Flipkart Shopping

Everyone knows about Flipkart shopping, but no such people will know, it is very important to know about this application. You can do online shopping through this application, sitting here from your home, you will get mobile phones here.

All goods related to mobiles will be found. Electronic goods will be available as common as traveling with all computers and clothes related to laptops, as much as they will get for playing support.

The amount of money it will take to buy it will be charged, after that its delivery will be paid. More than 10 crore people have downloaded this application.

2.Amazon Shopping

You can do shopping with Amazon shopping application, here you can also shop easily, even here, the SIM product is available to you, and as much as you shop, you can get the delivery charge as well as more than 100 crores in it. More people have downloaded and kept this application.

3.Myntra Shopping

You can also shop online by visiting its application and site, here you will find famous designing products, which are very expensive.

but if you want to buy these products, then go to this website and sign up for this application by going to this application.

Create your account, deposit payment in this and more than 10 crore people have created their account in the application purchased from here and are purchasing products.

Shopping is the largest application and the largest company that sells products online.


India Mart is the largest shopping platform, you can shop from here, you can buy all the products in India, you can buy from here, there are more than 60000000 products, they sell and you can buy products here.

If you connect with this company and sit in your house and send its products, then only you get a commission with every product, then you can also run this application and buy the product and send it to 10 so far. More than crores of people have used it

5.eBay Shopping

This is also the biggest application of shopping, anyone can buy the product from here and it can be fast, here you will find all kinds of products, which you can buy, you have to create your account by going here and sign up from there.

You can also sell and earn, with this there is also the option of Refer and Earn, you will refer to it and if someone else joins it, then you can earn earning, earn a commission, this application is still 10 More than a billion people have joined it.


The best application is if you want to know how many hotels are in which place, what is the rate of those hotels, which is the cheapest rate, then with the help of this application, you can know about hotels in this application.

You can compare the budget that will be spent on a hotel and after that, you can select the hotel, so far more than 50 crore people have been using this application, they will continue to do so.

This is where I end up with shopping applications. Now let’s move on to another category.

Health Application

Now we are going to know some of the best applications of the Earth category that help in improving your health, with the help of which you can wake up in the morning and do this method of health and sun correctly and make your life healthy.

1.Home Workout

If you do not have any equipment to make a body and you wake up early in the morning and you want to keep playing and want to fitness then download this application, in this application, you can control your health without an account of your You can create a healthier life.

you can make a body, that too, without talking about its features, in this you will be told many options in it, without the use of it, to use those off the .

sun and how long to do it, according to the timer, it is You can use it regularly this is the best application to make your health and fitness, at least this application has been downloaded and installed more than 10 crores times from the play store, to make the application the best health.

2.Aarogya Setu

This application has been made by the Government of India, through this application, you can tell your problem anytime, any doctor, after downloading this application, has to keep complete details about himself by registering in the mobile phone and in the register option.

Anytime you face any problem related to health, you can consult the doctor according to the rules of this app. When Kovid-19 came, this app has been made at that time. More people have downloaded it.

3.Mi Fit

You download the My Fit application, with the help of this application, you use it whenever you work out, so it analyzes and evaluates your workouts, how much you have done, and also motives because daily activity records someone.

Whenever you will record an activity, then you will know what work you have done in 1 day, then the application is very good, for health, it has been downloaded out of 50 crores from Google Play Store.

4.Google Fit

It is a healthy activity tracking application, with its help you can track your workouts, monitor and record your moments. It is the best application to make good health whenever you wake up early in the morning.

Its applications Record your activity with and keep track of the activities you are doing so that you will continue to get Motivated every single day and this application is made by Google, then it will be the best application, so it has been downloaded 500 million times. From the play store

If you use these applications to keep your health fit, then select one of these applications and install them on your mobile and wake up early in the morning and keep your health under control and keep going.

Educational Application

I am going to tell you about some educational applications, which are very important, this application may be suitable for students, but businessmen must also install this application, in my application, I will tell you one of the applications. Must install and keep in your mobile.

1.Speak English

If you want to learn to speak English, then you do not need a teacher for that, you must have heard about the English channel on YouTube at some point, this is the only application of this, you can install this application on your mobile.

Take it and whenever you see no video in it, you will be able to improve your English, from here you can get a motive and prepare to learn English, this is the best application. This application has been downloaded more than one lakh From Google’s Play Store.

2.Bada Business

You will be aware of this name, who does not know this name is Dr. Vivek Bindra, CEO of Big Business.

Through this app you can participate in business programs, so understand that the only application related to business is everything you know about the business.

Want to learn through this application, you can learn how to participate in events that are organized and you can see how you can learn how business is done, then you will get full information about it without delay.

The application has been downloaded across its mobile application by more than 1 million.


If you also want to learn online courses, then definitely choose udemy, in this application, you will get many such courses from which you can do advanced learning.

There are more than one million videos and courses that are taught with the help of experts. You can buy and learn those courses on your mobile or in your laptop that you get at an absolutely low price.

4.LinkedIn Learning

If you want to learn your online course and from there you want to learn by watching the course through advanced video, then this application is the best, in this application, you will get the course with more than 16000 exports and here you can take many features like That you can watch it.

offline from the core here as well as download it, these courses will be taught to you well and first you should download the application and then create your account in this application and then you will get the course To select and learn the course in your mobile.

you can definitely learn them at a leisurely time, this application has downloaded more than 5000000 from play store.

All the applications I have mentioned above for education must download them once or try to know about them, you must download one of them and group your knowledge, now let’s move on to another category

Educational Game Application

I am going to tell you such applications, after downloading, you can use it as a game and teach your knowledge, this vacation is one of the best applications, you can download any one of them in your mobile.

1.Math Game

Friends, if you want to play less than play a game that will increase your knowledge. Then this is the best game application. If you have a child and he runs mobile more and plays more games in it, then download him a level game application so that he Play this game more because it has education knowledge.

It has pictures in Mathematics and English and, it will have a solution. So that only one will know that what is going on is the best application software. Have you learned what it is all right, then download all your mobiles.

2.ABC Kids

If you want to teach ABCD to your children. Then do not forcefully teach them, nowadays all children like mobile more, then you should also put educational applications in them. Such applications are found in many of them.

this is the best among them. Install in and ABCD to teach your children. You do not have to force it. Run this application, watch it, and enjoy and learn this application has been downloaded more than 10,000,000 times from the play store.

3.Left vs Right

If you want to make your mind sharp and, want your brain to work very well and, do the fastest work, then you must download this application, through this application you can exercise your brain and yourself.

You can make your brain healthy like what will happen to your brain. Quality will be the ability. Reflection and relaxation will increase, so you have to practice it regularly and this is the best application.

It has been downloaded more than 5000000 times in the Google Play Store. I told you about the education game, download which of them you like.

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