Top 10 Window Game Application Play in 2021

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Top 10 Window Game Application Play in 2021

Top 10 Window Game Application Play in 2021 Let’s Play The Game.

Hello friends welcome all of you. Which post am I going to tell you today. Some games that you can play in your computer window ten.

You can download all these games for free. Let’s know for your window computer. Which games are those? That you can download to your computer


This is the best game. To download this game, you have to create a Microsoft account and go to And by going there you can download this game.

This is a great game. This game was made in 2016 to play on your computer. So I want That you download and play it on your computer.

2.Asphalt 9

If you want to play a game of car racing on your computer. So this is the best game. You can download it from Microsoft Store. That too, the size of the scheme for free is not very big.

And it should be easily installed in your computer. It will be made in 2018. Microsoft has the best car racing game that you can play in your window computer.

3.World of Tanks Blitz

Number three is the world’s best game. You will continue to get new tasks in it. And you will enjoy playing this game in your computer.

This game was released in 2015. This is a shooter game. Will you get more tasks? With the help of which you can play your game well.

4.Fallout Shelter

I am going to give you the best game in number 4. This is the best game. Microsoft which provides you absolutely free. You can play it on your computer. In this too, you will get a lot of tasks. Which you will play with great pleasure.

This is the best game sitting at home in your computer screen. Which is played inside a house. In which you have to cross the level. So you must download this game, it is absolutely free.

5.World of Warships

Only then do you enjoy the game. When there is something in the game, that’s why I am giving you very good games. This is a very powerful operation. In it you will get 300 countries and there is also a ship in it. There will be a ship-to-ship battle. You can fight. You we weather. It may rain. It will show the type of fight.

Will be the commander of the fight. There will be one team, one will be control There are so many features in it. You must download this game. It is absolutely free. Microsoft is providing For your window computer.

6.Microsoft Solitaire

You must have played a card of cards. This is also the best I can play it part time in your computer. And talk about its features.

So here you will get a lot of features in it. Which is the best. Let me tell you some of the best features of the match. In this different way. Where can you head in five ways?

In this, you can solve new challenges every single day. here you will meet in the running coin to play.

by signing you here on behalf of Microsoft. And by opening an account here, you have to play the game in it. And take online challenges with your friends

7. Microsoft Ultimate

If you want to play number game. So this is the best game. And this game is named. Talk about the features of Microsoft Ultimate and the scheme. So here you have to play with numbers. And Word comes.

So you have to mix it. You can win after mixing. And you can become a winner in the game. This is the best game. And talk about its features. So it has many such characteristics. Which you will like more. And now let me tell you about those features also. Like you have 53 ways in this you have to advance your game in it. And you have to collect stars in it. Every day you will get new challenges.

While playing this game and before playing this game you have to sign in to Microsoft account. And here you will get information about everything step by step. When you start this game.

8.Disney Magic Kingdoms

This is the best game, it is a magic game. And here you will find magic. With anyone here, you can create a magic crate with your own help.

And there is a park here. Talk about the features of this game to whom you can call Magic Park. So here you can decorate your leg. You can make such a thing in your India.

You can do that. Here you will find beautiful trees, you will find Mickey Mouse. And in this way many characters will be found.

Which you can add in your own way. Here you can make a story like magic. You can also download it from Microsoft Play Store. This game is absolutely free.

9.Sniper Fury

The shooter game is the best game to play. You have seen the shoot game. And farming will be the best gear. Let’s talk about the features of the scheme. Below, I will tell you about some features. I’ll get you a lot of shooters.

And with this, the shooter who is in it. Gonna kill They will get more than 500 missions. There is a soldier with this in this prison. Because in this your enemies are killed. In the same way, while playing the game, you will get bullets of military forces and here you will get lots of tomorrow. You go into the atmosphere and strike

. Can be Can play You can kill each other. You will attack your enemies. With one mission complete, you will go to another mission. Means you will move to Labor 2. So definitely download this game from Microsoft. For your computer that opens in your window. You can also download them for free. It will not cost any money.

10. Forza Motorsport 6

Who does not like to race But to play a race game, you can download this game in your computer. To race you here. Will meet you by post. And you can run the longest race here.

To play this game you will need to download it with a Microsoft account. I gave you the link. And now we will talk about the features of this game, whether its features. Its features are the best. That I am going to tell you.

Microsoft is the biggest game for windows. You can play this game by installing it on every computer. But your computer. Its RAM should be at least 16GB. And it was made in 2016. So let’s download this game. From the Microsoft Game Store which is absolutely free.

So then tell me how you liked this top 10 game. You can download any of these games for your window computer. And can play in your computer.

When you feel bored if you are a student. So after reading you should play the game once. After that you should study again. So in this way you keep your program running. I will not keep reaching for further.

And do share our website page with your friends. select a game for them too. send them, see you in another post.

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