Top 10 Entertainment Applications For Window in 2021

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Top 10  Entertainment Applications For Window in 2021

Top 10 Entertainment Applications For Window in 2021. Free Install your windows

Hello friends welcome all of you again. Today I am going to give you some such applications. Which is used for entertainment. You want That something in your computer.

You should download and keep such app application. So whenever you want to listen to some songs. Or to watch a movie. So you can see using these applications from your computer. Let us know.

Which are the top ten applications like this? Which can be used in your window 10. Absolutely free.


Netflix is ​​the world’s number one platform. From where you can watch the film. You can also watch TV shows inside the new one and reach it by watching it. New content keeps coming in it. New favorite films coming soon.

Which are released. So you can see them from here. You will have to sign up to see it here. You can install it on your computer for free. But whenever you sign up for it. So you have to get a membership in it. You can cancel that membership at any time. It has a specialty. So this is the best entertainment app.

The way you want to watch movies from here. Can you want to watch a movie? Can see them So, I have given you the link to download them. Which is of Microsoft account. It allows you to download the application absolutely free of cost.


You must have heard the name Spotify. Its promotion keeps on appearing on TV as well. It is a music application. Inside it, you can listen to songs as well. Here you get the playlist of Bani Bana.

You have to select the playlist category. You will get songs in the same category. So you can install friends application on your computer too. Because Microsoft builds Windows applications. Microsoft has provided this application absolutely free.

So I want You must install this application in your computer.


You must have heard the name of iTunes. This is Apple’s application, you can also listen to and watch music and movie TV shows. That you can install the application for free. Now go to your windows computer.

Regarding some of its features, the characteristics are all the same, such that in it also you can watch music movies and TV shows.

And with this, you can see everything in entertainment. Can download Let’s download in your windows computer, which you may need anytime?

4. Amazon Prime Video

You must have heard the name of Prime Video. Its full name is Amazon Prime Video This application has been created by amazon center london pvt ltd.

You can download this application for free on your computer and laptop. Within this application, you can watch TV show movies.

You can download videos in it. Wherever in offline you just have to take membership in it. And you can cancel that membership at any time.

5. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is an amazing application. You will get millions of songs on it. Which you can listen to and download offline. But you have to get a membership in it. Only then you can run it offline.

In this, you can use more than 60 million songs for free for 30 days. And after that, you will have to renew it. Unlimited features. Like more than 60 million songs in it. You can listen anywhere. High-Quality Audio. With each device.

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6. Hulu

This is also the best application. For entertainment. We will find a lot of episodes on it. That you can see. You will get films with that. Find the original sections. You will get episodes on the go. And in this, you will get to see more than 85000 episodes.

All the channels of Live TV Sports News inside it. Which you can see comfortably on your laptop or in your computer. There are some such channels in it too. Which you have to take the membership.

Before that you have to install it with Microsoft account on your computer, after that, you will have to sign up for it. Only after that from my account. You can run it on your computer that too for free.

7. Movies & TV

Is the best application for photos and videos. There are lots of photos on your computer. And along with that, there are videos. So it would be very difficult to find you. I know Because I have also quickly placed the photo on the computer.

And where are the videos, it takes a lot of time to find them? So it is the best software for that. You will get all the movies and TV shows on it. So you can see from here. And after that, wherever you have placed.

So it also shows. All the collections are there. He will show you in one place. So you can see it from here too. So if I talk about its features, you have lots of features. As such it finds out quickly. Where your video is kept.

The video collection is kept. What is the latest format? And with that, with many more features in it that you will find very good. So for that, you have to install this application on your computer. Only then you can enjoy its features.

8.TuneIn Radio

Friend have you ever felt like this What would you do if you had to listen to the radio on your computer too? So for that, you will keep the application of Tune in radio in your Windows computer. Which application features.

Talking about, it has links to more than 10,000 radio stations. You can listen to it on your computer, with EC, you can also get news of sports songs and news on it. This is the best application. If we talk about its characteristics.

It has a worldwide collection. You can listen to radio live along with the radio station’s game songs and broadcasts. And it consists of station shows. Which station can you listen to using this? This is the best application. Install it before downloading it in Microsoft. After that create an account in it. And run it on your computer.

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9. iHeartRadio

The application I talked about above is related to the same application. Its name is I Heart Radio, you can sleep on this radio station too. You can listen to the songs, you can easily install them in your window.

This is also the best application. There are as many radio stations in the world to listen to a radio station. You can listen to all the frauds installed there. To download this application. You also have to go to Microsoft App Store.

And will have to overcome from there. And I have given spelling here only. So after going from there you can download it. In your personal Windows computer.

10. Sling TV

Now I am going to give you another application in the top 10. Which you can put in your windowed computer. I will use the last name of this application. TV You must have seen TV. You have fun watching TV on TV but on the computer.

This channel is run by the name of a TV. So here I am giving you the application. Install this application on your computer. And talk about its features. There is also a support news entertainment channel. Which you can see on your computer.

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