10 Ways to Make Computer Faster in 2021

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10 Ways to Make Computer Faster in 2021

10 Ways to Make Computer Faster in 2021

Hello, friends welcome all of you. In this post today, I have brought for you some tips and tricks that you can speed up your computer after knowing. If your computer is running slow.

So you can fast your computer in these ways. Which is very easy. Let’s know Which are such methods? With the help of which the computer can be made fast.

1.Remove Unusual Application

If your computer has such apps. The ones you don’t use So delete them. With your computer system, it will make your computer run a lot. And will be fast. Which would have been the RAM of the computer. He gets a place. And your hard dicks start working fast.

2.Stop Automatic Running Program

Close programs that are on when the computer is on. Automatic goes on. Your computer starts with such a program. And sometimes hangs. So you have to close that program first. Which computer starts. Be open Go. Which you have to stop again and again.

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3.Remove Unwanted File From Hard disk

If you have an Extra Unwanted Program in your hard dicks. Delete it because your computer hangs even with hard dicks. If the program remains without work.

So you have to check the hard dicks of your computer properly. Which programs don’t you use? Delete them and remove them permanently from your computer.

4.Keep the recycle bin clean

Whenever you delete a program and a file. And with this, if you delete the songs videos too, that is it. They are stored in the recycling bin. If more files remain in the recycling bin then the computer hangs.

Because having more files and folders in the desktop, the computer hangs. Therefore, all programs should be deleted from the recycling bean.

5.Keep updating computer

Keep updating the computer. Twice a month. Do update the computer. Because updating a computer causes updating in its software. And the functions work well.

Otherwise, sometimes the computer is unable to function properly due to a lack of software updates. And hangs up.

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6.Do not use free antivirus

Never use free antivirus in computer. This does not improve the computer’s working progress. And viruses are not completely deleted. Hence antivirus purchase only. Install in it the best antivirus available in the market. They will not cause virus in your computer. And your computer will also work correctly.

7.Do not leave computer running

After working in the computer, turn it off. Because what happens. Sometimes the computer remains operational after working. And by keeping the computer running without work, the antivirus in the computer does not work correctly.

So that’s why we quit running the computer after working in the computer. Then the computer should shutdown. So whenever you open the computer, it will work correctly and will not hang.

8.Do not run while charging computer

If you want to run your computer fast. So don’t charge it while charging. When the computer is charging, its system charging is also consuming.

At the same time if you run a program. So there is a possibility of a hang. So do not run the computer while charging. And after charging, remove it and then run any program on your computer.

9.Do not run more programs at once

Sometimes what happens is that a lot of programs run simultaneously. Which causes the computer to hang. Because whenever the computer gets instructions.

So he works with an instruction to a program. So gives instructions to many programs at once. But the possibility of computer hangs becomes huge.

10. Win+R= prefetch

Whenever you shut down after working on your computer. So at the same time, you have to press R with the window button. And after that prefetch has to be written to OK.

Then you will see all the files. Delete them. Then turn off the computer. Because this is all the header file. Which hangs the computer.

Friends, if you adopt these 10 methods. So your computer will never hang. And you can work correctly on your computer. There will be no problem while you work. So these 10 methods are adopted. And make your computer fast. And make your work successfully in a smart way.

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